Written by Ruthie Alekseyev and directed by Kenan Music
joint production Sarajevo to Red Africa and CINEA Entertainment present


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​​Shots That Changed The World

History books teach us that an assassination changed the world on 28 June 1914, but what came before the two gunshots in Sarajevo laid the foundation for the collapse of the World of Empires. In a time of rampant assassinations, only one triggered a war. In a time of changing social mores, one marriage triggered a crisis.
And in a time of rapidly developing warfare advancements, one man became the Spy of the Century.The World a Stage addresses these three main issues:  assassination, love, and intrigue; but in an entirely new approach. Who are the directors and who are the actors? And most importantly, are we still using the same script today?

Everything.. I gave them everything. But now, what left have I to give?

Agent 25.

You can’t help but feel the press of history when you enter Vijećnica, the Sarajevo City Hall. Compared to many buildings in the Balkans, it is not very old, but it has been the center of enormous and tumultuous events for a hundred years

Maria Mutapic – Wielowieyska in the movie.

Here’s a sneak peak of Branko Đurić absolutely owning the screen.  

There are so many stories to tell about World War I and how the world arrived at the guns of August that a series could run every day for a decade and still not touch them all. The love story between the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the couple’s last days in Sarajevo, and the reactions of Sarajevans beyond the members of Mlada Bosna to the Habsburg royalty in their midst are just a few of these stories – and we are bringing them to you.

Hotel Austria and Bosna and last dinner

You can picture yourself in history as we recreate the last banquet of the Imperial couple whose deaths triggered the first world war in the very hotel and banquet room they used on their last night alive. Hotel Austria and Bosna survived the first and second world wars, and the terrible 1990s as well, and is open again as both a restaurant and luxurious hotel. Visitors can sleep in the same rooms as the Archduke and the Duchess, walk along their terrace, and experience the beautiful spa area of Ilidža – and perhaps feel the hope of a couple whose reception in the city of Sarajevo seemed so positive and supportive.

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